What do I need to use AnimalWatch with my students?


AnimalWatch is a computer-based activity. You'll need access to a computer lab or other location such as the school library. Ideally, each student should work at his or her own computer. However, students have worked together on AnimalWatch problems and learned from the program.

The screen resolution should be set to a minimum of 1024 by 768 pixels.

AnimalWatch is a web-based application which uses Adobe's Flash Player.  To use AnimalWatch, Flash Player Version 9 or higher is required.  The Flash Player is likely already installed on your computer and up to date, but in some cases, the Flash Player might need to be updated by a free dowload from the Adobe website. The AnimalWatch team can help you do this if you need assistance.  You can check your version by clicking on the Check Flash Player link in the left menu.

Internet connection

The computers need to be connected to the Internet, because AnimalWatch runs on computers hosted at the University of Arizona.

Headphones for students

AnimalWatch includes short video lessons and video clips of endangered species. The video clips include audio, so headphones help keep students from being distracted by what other students are doing.

I don't have any technical support at my school!

You probably won't need it. AnimalWatch has already been used successfully in dozens of schools, and it's designed to work well with the kinds of computers that most schools have. If you do run into problems, the AnimalWatch team can often figure out the answer for you with a phone call or email.  We are also experienced at working with district technical support offices to resolve issues.

Requesting a Teacher Account

The current AnimalWatch system is developed for Californa 6th grade math standards and is not intended for independent, self-directed progress. It requires a teacher to get familiar with a student management system, the Teacher Dashboard, where classes and accounts for students are created and managed. The teacher assigns the Learning Objective to the students and allows them to advance to through the curriculum.

If you're interested in using AnimalWatch with your students, please contact Include in your email:

  • name
  • school (if applicable)
  • state
  • number of student accounts needed
  • age or grade level of the students

Quick Reference Map of AnimalWatch Applications

Quick Reference Map

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